Best of the Best honors high schoolers

The club’s Indiana’s Best of the Best high school contest sends all the first place winners at the state level to WPCI judges to determine the cream of the crop among the winners.

In this contest, students win cash prizes, $100 for best, $50 for second place and $30 for third place. Money is shared among entrants in cases where more than on student is an author.

  • First place: “Kneeling during national anthem sparks debate,” sports story, Bishop Chatard High School Students are Marissa Almack, Jacob deCastro, Kacee Haslett, Abby McDonald and Sian Rhodes.
  • Second place: “Chinese New Year,” double-truck layout, Carmel High School, Lilly St. Angelo.
  • Third place: “Illiteracy hurts student, family and community,” editorial, Bishop Chatard High School, Sian Rhodes.


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